Delusions of grand ideas

Other than messing about with the layout of a blog that goes by unnoticed, one side-effect of being idle thanks to the very unpleasant heatwave and work schedule are the silly ideas and thoughts that tend to invade someone’s mind.

C’mon, really: one retailer currently has a good price on the little item shown below. It has everything I need, including the possible support of a CD changer that’s managed to elude me until recently. It handles CD/MP3/WMA, has RDS, a built-in 50W MOSFET amplifier, subwoofer outputs, matching illumination, and then some. It probably does the dishes, too.

Panasonic CQC7301N

Surely it’s no match for my old JVC radio/tape/CD head unit? Or is it? Do I really have to get rid of it? Am I approaching option 6 already?


Looks like I may have another system up for sale someday soon as well… aaaaargh!

Photo credits: hmvh DOT net and/or manufacturer/retailer

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