Take a long, hard look at new File Area 668: Disturbing Art.

Gut-churning stuff, weird shit! Lifted from RS Connett’s Web Museum, it offers a view into what we’d consider a rather disturbed mind. We’ll be eagerly looking for similar material to fill this area with. And, while we’re at it: Other than the usual Porno File Areas, the discerning viewer might also do good by exploring some of the other areas. There’s a lot of hidden treasures in there!

Here’s a quote from RS Connett:

“Vomitus Maximus: The namesake of our Museum. My last watercolor. A self portrait. We arrogantly think that we are the ultimate beings that the world has produced, TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN, “KINGS OF THE EARTH!” We believe it is our RIGHT to allow our shit to foul the world! Our flatulence dirties the air! Our wastes pollute the waters and the land, killing off life to weak to resist. Our OWN FECES RAIN DOWN UPON US! Natural order has different ideas. Earth has ways of ridding itself of this “HUMAN INFESTATION”. The rewards of our selfish indulgences are DISEASE, MADNESS and MURDER! What doom we do not deliberately perpetrate upon ourselves will be visited up on us by our selfish UNWILLINGNESS to do what we KNOW can be done to save us from imminent disaster. The true rulers of this planet, the REAL top of the food chain, THE VIRUSES, will EAT US. Those of us left will be vaporized by our own debauched inventions of death. In time, a new and superior lifeform will emerge from the fetid radioactive wasteland that will be OUR EPITAPH.”


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