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The death of recordable compact discs, part 4

Once upon a time there was a co-worker. He complained bitterly about how much he hated adhesive labels applied onto CD-Rs. This was over a decade ago. The vast majority of my self-burnt music CD-Rs have become near unplayable. And here follows my most recent adventure: ripping those bastards. Continue reading

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Bora Driver’s Log

Even painful memories are worth noting down. Here be failures, too. As of today, this blog will also include retroactive content from my very first proper blog. Also hosted at blogger.com, it was titled “Bora Driver’s Log”. Continue reading

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Marketing FAIL: Du darfst

A couple of weeks ago I was stuck behind the TV when programming was interrupted by the usual barrage of messages from their sponsors. And suddenly, amongst all the noise, a female voice proudly proclaimed in her German accent, “Fuck the diet!” Continue reading

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The fine art of photoshopping

As an unwritten rule, netlabel archives/releases would — over and above the audio files — sometimes include a playlist, typically some so-called cover art, and occasionally even miscellaneous documentation and articles about the artist or album, or scans of newspaper cuttings. Zoe.LeelA’s “Queendom Come“, for instance, went all out and included PDF documents and an extensive set of high-res, print-quality press kit photos. Photoshop sure does more wonders to your complexion than any amount of L’Oreal. Continue reading

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The end of the decade is nigh

While we’re rounding up what’s left of the current decade, allow us to reveal some statistics of nonsense within the vast hmvh network of shenaniganisms. It’s turned out that the most popular blog posting by far is the the pseudo-humouresque, quasi-investigative, and semi-critical-of-life-online essay called “The story of Moshzilla”. Continue reading

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When Microsoft attempts racial profiling

Last week the web was all aflutter about Microsoft’s poor photoshopping skills. Clearly, a lot of black males were outraged and a many a white male may have felt patronised but were it not for the benign demographic republic of geekdom that ultimately was insulted, this minor tempest in a tea cup could easily have become a global shitstorm in a Polish pisspot. Continue reading

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Facebook FAIL!

Outstanding! This is just brilliant on so many levels. PWND! Continue reading

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How do I undo the damage I have done?

After popping another 30A fuse in a desperate attempt to get some bass from the car’s boot into the passenger cabin, it was decided to listen to my own advice and reclaim some space… Argh, fuck it! Continue reading

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