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The death of recordable compact discs, part 4

Once upon a time there was a co-worker. He complained bitterly about how much he hated adhesive labels applied onto CD-Rs. This was over a decade ago. The vast majority of my self-burnt music CD-Rs have become near unplayable. And here follows my most recent adventure: ripping those bastards. Continue reading

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How to digitise audio tapes

As is the nature of this beast, other ideas and more tapes have collected since. Some of those tapes were rare, if not unique. Others demanded more attention than the rushed 128kbps rips from the previous round. It seemed sensible to archive some and re-rip others at the highest possible sampling and quality rate. Here then, if you will, is a list of hints and observations on how to best rip audio tapes. Continue reading

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Cassette Project 1: Feeding the monster

That’s it! Enough! I’ve had it with tapes for a while. I added another batch of regular audio tapes into that database monster named Discogs. It needs to be fed. Needs more metadata. Yum-yum! Continue reading

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Modern Media Consumption

Now that I’ve finally gotten rid of that horrid analogue video media format named “VHS”, I’ve been thinking about what comes next. I’m referring to an all-digital format — an ethereal one that exists not even as files on your hard drive. Truth be told, I’m not really sure — because definitions of “the Cloud” vary. What I am getting at is much more sinister, and I’m not sure I like what’s coming. Continue reading

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Goodbye, VHS

Farewell, VHS. The time has finally come to lay you to rest. It was April 2014 that everything related to VHS was rounded up for the final curtain call of a play dubbed “VHS2AVI”. The VHS digitisation project was ready to begin. Continue reading

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Internet killed the video star

While ripping what’s left of my VHS collection I was reminded of the tedium of physical media. No sooner had I transferred the first batch of videos onto my digital media player’s hard disk did it occur to me how convenient it is to pick a selection from an à la carte menu and play whatever I had fed the device with. Continue reading

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Han shot first

It shouldn’t surprise me then that it would be on “Star Wars Day”, May the fourth, that — as a matter of sheer and utter coincidence — today would be the day when I start ripping my old VHS copies. Honestly, I didn’t realise this until later! Continue reading

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VHS digitisation: Theory before practice

Ripping a bunch of VHS tapes is a most peculiar undertaking. It’s a project I’ve been waiting to start for several years. It’s a task that’s as simple or as complicated as you make it. I chose the less simple route because I wanted to understand a few things first. Continue reading

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