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The death of recordable compact discs, part 4

Once upon a time there was a co-worker. He complained bitterly about how much he hated adhesive labels applied onto CD-Rs. This was over a decade ago. The vast majority of my self-burnt music CD-Rs have become near unplayable. And here follows my most recent adventure: ripping those bastards. Continue reading

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What is Cyberia?

“Cyberia” was the name of a long-running series of music mix compilation CDs conjured up in South Africa between DJ friend Rufus Blairgowrie and I. We even created an entire web page dedicated to the series. Continue reading

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Project Tape2MP3: Completed!

This, dear readers, is all that remains of my tape collection. Twenty years of collecting and nurturing an audio cassette collection have been reduced to nothing more than one 16GB USB flash drive’s worth of bits. Continue reading

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The death of the Compact Disc, part 1

Who hasn’t fallen for the charms of iTunes, MusicLoad, AmazonMP3 and/or Beatport for all their musical needs, buying and downloading gigabytes of music that you cannot touch or feel? Call me old-fashioned if you will, but nothing beats picking up a real record and admiring the physical, real entity that I hold in my hands. A record is a work of art. A recording is a historical artefact. Continue reading

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Recordable media and disposable data

Having just completed the first item on my list of “things to do” for the year, it occurred to me that “mixtapes” are something of a dying artform. At least, in physical form. No, seriously: when last have you made a compilation of your favourite songs and burnt those to a CD-R as a proper Red Book Audio CD? Continue reading

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Cassette Culture Untangled

TDK, BASF, Maxell, Denon, and Sony: Once, these were among the most important words in the teenage lexicon. The advent of the iPod, downloads and peer-to-peer networks seemed certain to consign the old analogue cassette tape to cultural oblivion, but in music, it seems, that what goes around doesn’t just come around again; it’s simply rewound! Continue reading

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Cyberia 14: Bastard

Bridging the gap between the trance/house of Cyberia 13 and the electro of the upcoming Cyberia 15, the 14th edition of the series was created as “a brand new bastard of a compilation, with nothing but old music, rehashes, remixes … Continue reading

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Cyberia XI: Quadrumatrix

“Cyberia XI” was a mammoth undertaking, inspired and spawned by volumnous .mp3 downloads through certain channels of questionable legalities — regardless of the RIAA’s efforts to curb creativity and the spread of new ideas, approaches, styles, and musical directions. This … Continue reading

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