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Discogs Fan Mail: 2016 to 2018

Adding and updating information in Discogs is an interactive process. Edits are subject to “peer review”. Most users are grateful for the guidance, learn from their mistakes, and go on to use and enjoy Discogs in whatever way they do. Occasionally you, as a voter, even receive a thank-you message from a fellow user. This article is not about those users. Continue reading

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It’s all on video

I’ve recently been clearing out a bunch of old video clips. The early web was home to many weirdos, and videos of the kind didn’t help its reputation. Continue reading

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The fine art of photoshopping

As an unwritten rule, netlabel archives/releases would — over and above the audio files — sometimes include a playlist, typically some so-called cover art, and occasionally even miscellaneous documentation and articles about the artist or album, or scans of newspaper cuttings. Zoe.LeelA’s “Queendom Come“, for instance, went all out and included PDF documents and an extensive set of high-res, print-quality press kit photos. Photoshop sure does more wonders to your complexion than any amount of L’Oreal. Continue reading

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The end of the decade is nigh

While we’re rounding up what’s left of the current decade, allow us to reveal some statistics of nonsense within the vast hmvh network of shenaniganisms. It’s turned out that the most popular blog posting by far is the the pseudo-humouresque, quasi-investigative, and semi-critical-of-life-online essay called “The story of Moshzilla”. Continue reading

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When people are mad, toys go bad

My advice – educating your kids about airport security with this toy may actually be more harmful to them than just packing them in the damn luggage with some bottled water & hoping they survive. Continue reading

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The Conficker con

So the first of April came and is just about gone, and with it D-day of the much-feared Conficker worm. Continue reading

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New Dickhead of State

Well, well! So Obama’s the new head of state. The election circus is finally over; MILF Palin will be packing her bags and knocked-up teenage daughter and heading back home, close to the frigid border of Siberia. It’ll also be business as usual for McCain, except he’s returning to a far drier state. Continue reading

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