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Hard drives and sponges

Hard drives are the under-appreciated workhorses of a standard PC configuration. The other day I discovered some old documents and specifications about hard drives as well as a bunch of real hard drives in the basement. Here’s a page of tales and photos about seven workhorses getting slaughtered. Continue reading

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About recordable disc inlay cards

As someone who created a substantial number of CD-R items over the years and spent inordinate amounts of time designing elaborate inserts for his personal audio collection, one trick I learnt is to add inlay cards to act as stiffeners behind ordinary 80g paper. Inlay cards became as regular material components of my CD production line as would colourful cases, and this collected stash of inlays turned up again a few weeks ago. Continue reading

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The Gadget Graveyard

Let the final order of the old year be the announcement that I’ve added a new chapter to the archive.hmvh.net section: The Gadget Graveyard, where old technology goes to die. I’ve obviously got problems, and hoarding old components is just one. Continue reading

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Stretching the tape collection

Naturally, the question that’s always asked is, “what are you going to do with all those tapes? What do you want them for?” Valid indeed, and usually met by the default answer of “Some kind of museum.” Continue reading

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Cassette Project #3: Status Update

It’s not that I asked for them or anything, they just got dumped on my desk since it seems that I’ve become the guy in the building with a reputation for collecting old equipment, electronica, and media. Continue reading

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Is it an ism, or is it art?

“This artwork is created through the unique art of microwaving by one of the most prominent entertainers and artists on the web. Kenny Irwin originals are projected to only increase in value as a collectors items and museums and media take notice of the world renowned art by Kenny Irwin that is unlike anything the world has seen before. ” Continue reading

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Of tapes, laptops, and Freddie Mercury

I was given another 60 or so audio tapes. I was also given two laptops. Then there was discogs. On April 30th, the so-called Master Release function was finally unleashed. Continue reading

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Spam Warrior

Spam is a cancer that feasts on an otherwise healthy internet. Everyone who has an email account has no doubt received some sort of unwanted email message — be it from someone you know or someone you don’t know, or someone you’ve never heard of and wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) want to know. It arrives in bursts and always finds new methods of infiltrating even the best of filters. Continue reading

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