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Rediscovering philately

A few days ago I made a mistake: I opened a cabinet door. Behind that cabinet door lay my stamp collection. Philately is the perfect hobby for a pandemic. Continue reading

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Best-of-the-year radio charts

Like most teenagers of the eighties, I grew up with one ear permanently stuck to the radio. It became customary for Radio 5 and Radio 702 to count down the greatest singles of the year, and I did my darndest to wake up early and write it all down! Continue reading

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Revisiting the SA BBS Scene

Nor has anyone else been willing to commit their full and sordid BBS stories. It’s as if, for some people, the BBS period is a chapter they would rather forget about. Continue reading

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The Computer Faire & BEXA

While not nearly in the same league as its overseas counterparts, COMDEX, CeBIT, CES or IFA, the annual “Computer Faire” was a key South African exhibition for those interested in IT/computer technology and office automation. It was the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. This page showcases their most interesting and historically relevant content. Continue reading

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Demoscene music remembered and remastered

When I first got into computers back in 1990, “music” and “IBM computers” were things that simply weren’t synonymous with one another. Given the DOS software and the games we played at the time, audio capabilities simply weren’t much a matter of concern. Discovered and distributed via dial-up BBSes, MOD files were remarkable in that one could tell how the creators attempted to squeeze every bit of performance and fidelity out of four channels and a mere handful of instruments. Continue reading

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The SA BBS Scene

Here’s a memorial page dedicated to anecdotes, bulletins, documents, essays, images, lists, memories, nostalgia, photos, and related matter recollecting the South African bulletin board scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Continue reading

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BBS ads and ANSi screens

Permit me to show off a small and personal selection of old BBS Adverts and ANSi Screens for your retro viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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If you lived in South Africa during the eighties or nineties and used your modem to dial into services beyond Beltel, then you surely would have heard of or used Roblist. If you were a SysOp, you wanted your BBS to be on Roblist. Continue reading

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