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Career Crossroads

I am currently finding myself at career crossroads. I quit my job. Even after the dot-com bubble burst I jumped back on the hamster wheel and laboured on; at no point did I doubt that the telecommunications/IT industry was anything but the most exciting sector to be in. Continue reading

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Everything is broken

It’s that time of the year again. Everything is broken. Nothing gets completed but everything got complicated. Continue reading

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Being Human

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson about humanity. We need not fear machines. We need to fear those who steer them because those who control the machines pursue not death and mayhem but, rather, take aim at commercial targets. And what’s more human than greed? Empathy. Continue reading

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Of dinosaurs and cinemas

Some movies you just have to see in the cinema, when they come out, munching overpriced popcorn while sitting in a large auditorium with a group of total strangers. It’s just a part of the experience. Jurassic World is a children’s movie. Continue reading

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Bora Driver’s Log

Even painful memories are worth noting down. Here be failures, too. As of today, this blog will also include retroactive content from my very first proper blog. Also hosted at blogger.com, it was titled “Bora Driver’s Log”. Continue reading

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What is Cyberia?

“Cyberia” was the name of a long-running series of music mix compilation CDs conjured up in South Africa between DJ friend Rufus Blairgowrie and I. We even created an entire web page dedicated to the series. Continue reading

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Remembering the Inner Sleeve Record Library

The Inner Sleeve Record Library was exactly that: not a library where one would get books, but one where you could borrow records. Vinyl records. This was the mother lode! Continue reading

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A look back at 1988

There was no way I could’ve foreseen how the telecommunications industry would change the world as we know it. Yes, 1988 was the year I started working. I started earning a regular salary. I now had to pay taxes. My parents started charging rent. I bought a camera and snapped a few pictures from a platform that few were privileged to step onto. Continue reading

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