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Happy Birthday!

Here’s another anniversary. This site, hmvhDOTnet, is ten years old. Having an own site (read: domain and hosting space) has been a dream since I first ventured online. It’s the culmination of several past projects, current interests, and future endeavours. It’s my man cave where I get to share old geek stuff and express random thoughts and conspiracies with near-reckless abandon to an imaginary audience. Continue reading

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Fan mail

Discogs is a cross-functional site. Actually, we’re just a bunch of music lovers who do our best to reflect verifiable details, neutral descriptions, and create readworthy profiles. Discussions usually stay civil but sometimes can get heated and lengthy. Not all fan mail is friendly, though. Sometimes things get ugly. Continue reading

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One decade at Discogs

I’ve been a member of discogs.com for a full decade. It has become as much a part of my daily online regimen as checking my email or Twitter feed. No other site has grabbed my attention in the way that Discogs has, nor has any other online resource infuriated me in the same manner. Discogs is as fascinating as it is frustrating. Continue reading

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The Vagina Monologues

So I’ve been effectively blogging since around 1995 — spewing crap to an imaginary audience before it became known as blogging. Fine. Whatever. Continue reading

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The story of the HMVH Corporation BBS

The illustrated, unadulterated, and shamelessly long-winded personal memoir of a ten-year journey through the South African BBS scene. Continue reading

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This blog has moved. To here. Welcome to a changed layout on a different platform at a new address of the blog currently titled Gener@tion X. Continue reading

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Current status

Months of this insanity involving late hours trying to piece together the origins of an existing label or the forensics to determine the time and cause of demise of a label that’s disappeared off the radar can drive a person nuts. Conversely, it’s the controversial Google Book Search that’s turned out to be an invaluable tool for hunting down facts on companies that existed during the dark days of apartheid, BC. Continue reading

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Day of the cherubs

So, today is that other hallmark day named after a certain Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who got arrested, stoned and then had his head separated from his body for the crime of marrying Christian couples. Continue reading

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