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The Gadget Graveyard

Let the final order of the old year be the announcement that I’ve added a new chapter to the archive.hmvh.net section: The Gadget Graveyard, where old technology goes to die. I’ve obviously got problems, and hoarding old components is just one. Continue reading

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Miniaturisation and consumerism

The other day the DVB-T receiver packed up. After I took a drive to my favourite electronics store to pick up a replacement unit I noticed how small the box it comes in was. But it wasn’t until I got home and started hooking up the new unit that the size difference really became apparent. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Walkman

Keeping in tune with the previous posting, we may as well follow up with the announcement that the Walkman has officially ejected its last tape. Sony announced on Monday that it has ceased production of the classic, cassette tape Walkman in Japan, effectively sounding the death knell of the once iconic, now obsolete device and marking the end of one of the most successful consumer gadgets of all time. Continue reading

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I almost hate phones. They’re a necessary evil — a mere tool that aids in the verbal transfer of information from one person to another. Nothing more. You pick up the phone, press a sequence of digits, hope the person at the other end answers, say what you need to say, and hang up. End of conversation, end of line. I make no apologies for skipping entire generations of equipment. Continue reading

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Is it an ism, or is it art?

“This artwork is created through the unique art of microwaving by one of the most prominent entertainers and artists on the web. Kenny Irwin originals are projected to only increase in value as a collectors items and museums and media take notice of the world renowned art by Kenny Irwin that is unlike anything the world has seen before. ” Continue reading

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Tape2PC: Reprise

People still have tapes. Plenty of them. There must be a million idling away in someone’s drawer somewhere. And one day, those people will want to listen to them again and/or drag their contents into the 21st century. And for those people there are new products. Two companies are vying for your dollars. Continue reading

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Recordable media and disposable data

Having just completed the first item on my list of “things to do” for the year, it occurred to me that “mixtapes” are something of a dying artform. At least, in physical form. No, seriously: when last have you made a compilation of your favourite songs and burnt those to a CD-R as a proper Red Book Audio CD? Continue reading

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(Re)discovering MiniDisc

As is evident by the excellent condition of my new/old MD recorder, the previous owner was certainly a fan of the MiniDisc format, and I can almost understand why. This particular unit was released/manufactured in 1997, at a time when CDs had firmly established themselves as the de-facto standard for pre-recorded music and consumers were getting tired of the old analogue cassette. Sadly, I think it was a combination of several factors that lead to the downfall of the MD. Continue reading

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