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How to digitise audio tapes

As is the nature of this beast, other ideas and more tapes have collected since. Some of those tapes were rare, if not unique. Others demanded more attention than the rushed 128kbps rips from the previous round. It seemed sensible to archive some and re-rip others at the highest possible sampling and quality rate. Here then, if you will, is a list of hints and observations on how to best rip audio tapes. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Cassette!

The venerable cassette tape is 50 years old. It was on Friday the 30th of August 1963 when Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips introduced the EL-3300 “Pocket-Recorder” and a new magnetic tape format at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in West Berlin. The “Compact Cassette” would eventually go on to revolutionise the way we experienced and shared music. Continue reading

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My Ravaged Ears: The Sequel

For me, personally, digging through and cataloguing second-hand recordings is an immensely gratifying task, and there must be scores of such treasures that, during their glory days, were proudly displayed in tape cabinets or fancy shelves. Today, these remnants are hidden away in the back of a drawer, stuck in a box under the bed or simply gather dust in the basement. Continue reading

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My Virgin Ears

The other day I happened across a wonderful article about a young man named Austin Chapman. Austin is deaf, and thanks to new hearing aids he is now able to hear music — for the very first time. Personally, my mind is boggled about what must be going though his head right now. The story and his situational experiences have me utterly rattled. Continue reading

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Cassette Project #1: A Reprise

Two years ago I wrote about how my tape collection had, as part of the process of elimination and digitization, actually ballooned to more than tenfold its original size. Wheat and bran had been separated from the chaff — although no negligible amount of the former has been dropped off on my desk since then. I’ve begun entering that serendipitous stockpile of cassettes into the database. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Walkman

Keeping in tune with the previous posting, we may as well follow up with the announcement that the Walkman has officially ejected its last tape. Sony announced on Monday that it has ceased production of the classic, cassette tape Walkman in Japan, effectively sounding the death knell of the once iconic, now obsolete device and marking the end of one of the most successful consumer gadgets of all time. Continue reading

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Music, mayhem, and more memories

Little else evokes memories in the way that sound recordings do. Currently tied up with adding the finishing touches to the mayhem that is the Cyberia selection of electronica and dance music, the Tape2MP3 project is on pause until next year. In the interim, let me straddle the borders of legality by making one of my old tapes available for download (96kbps mono). Continue reading

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X Files + Tapes = August, part 2

In other exciting news, I finally completed watching the entire X Files series. And as for the other, “secret” tape project: still collecting and amassing more samples. Continue reading

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