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Discogs Fan Mail: 2016 to 2018

Adding and updating information in Discogs is an interactive process. Edits are subject to “peer review”. Most users are grateful for the guidance, learn from their mistakes, and go on to use and enjoy Discogs in whatever way they do. Occasionally you, as a voter, even receive a thank-you message from a fellow user. This article is not about those users. Continue reading

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Verbal Abuse

While the ruthless encroachment of the English language (particularly into the German media and advertising sectors) continues unabatedly, there is some positive news to report. That’s what happens when two languages combine and create a Frankenpidgin monstrosity named Denglish. Continue reading

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Once in a while there’s a trending topic on Twitter that just grabs everyone’s attention. Last weekend the #tt was “Explain A Film Plot Badly”. Imaginations run wild, plots become riddles. The trend goes viral. Continue reading

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A response from the barrister

While writing the previous blog posting about the physical, honest-to-goodness paper letter from a 419 scammer that had come my way, I also attempted something of an email conversation with the perpetrator. And I casually asked about the money. About a day later this reply from JONATHAN MOROKA appeared in my inbox. Continue reading

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This blog has moved. To here. Welcome to a changed layout on a different platform at a new address of the blog currently titled Gener@tion X. Continue reading

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Rewind: 2009

Through their annual Zeitgeist report, those evil people from Google have revealed that “Facebook” was 2009′s top “search query”. Other top searches included “hotmail”, “youtube”, “gmail”, “yahoo” (a touch of irony there), “ebay”, “myspace”, “bebo” and “google”. Continue reading

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Second Anniversary

What we have noticed over the past two years is an interesting shift in web browser usage. Sure, IE still rules the roost, with Firefox picking up a good quarter of the slack. Opera, Safari, and Chrome are trailing behind but it’s a pack of non-computer-based browsers that are making inroads as of late. Nokia and Symbian are two new “operating systems” looming on the horizon, and the Wii and PS3 are making up nearly a full percent of gadgetry used to browse the interwebs with. Continue reading

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