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Happy Birthday!

Here’s another anniversary. This site, hmvhDOTnet, is ten years old. Having an own site (read: domain and hosting space) has been a dream since I first ventured online. It’s the culmination of several past projects, current interests, and future endeavours. It’s my man cave where I get to share old geek stuff and express random thoughts and conspiracies with near-reckless abandon to an imaginary audience. Continue reading

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Goodbye, VHS

Farewell, VHS. The time has finally come to lay you to rest. It was April 2014 that everything related to VHS was rounded up for the final curtain call of a play dubbed “VHS2AVI”. The VHS digitisation project was ready to begin. Continue reading

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The story of the HMVH Corporation BBS

The illustrated, unadulterated, and shamelessly long-winded personal memoir of a ten-year journey through the South African BBS scene. Continue reading

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This blog has moved. To here. Welcome to a changed layout on a different platform at a new address of the blog currently titled Gener@tion X. Continue reading

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Announcing hmvh.net

Certain is that someday we’ll get our own domain and server space. Certain is that it’ll include a blog of some sorts. Certain is that it’ll include and feature content that can be seen here. Certain is also that it’ll include links and pages of mine that are spread all over free-hosting land – past, present and certainly future. How exactly it’ll all be tied together remains uncertain. Uncertain is also when this is all going to take place. Well, it’s certainly taken place now. Continue reading

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Project Tape2MP3: Completed!

This, dear readers, is all that remains of my tape collection. Twenty years of collecting and nurturing an audio cassette collection have been reduced to nothing more than one 16GB USB flash drive’s worth of bits. Continue reading

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The art of the mixtape

Creating and maintaining a humble collection of tapes also meant outfitting them with some sort of artwork or pictures to make them look good, unique and instantly recognisable. Continue reading

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Why a blog?

While the main function of the original site was to collect and showcase the various jokes and virals one receives via email or stumbles upon otherwise and did form the main brunt of the content, this new layout allows us to categorise and compile the numerous personal projects and silly ideas we’ve had over the years. And a blog lends itself beautifully to this purpose. Continue reading

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