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The art of German party music

As someone who’s amassed and “processed” several hundred tapes in recent years, I had the opportunity to take a good look at certain visual cues in the design of the products put out by record labels. As for German party and schlager music, well… let’s just say they make no effort to shake off their gaudy stereotypes. Continue reading

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Once in a while there’s a trending topic on Twitter that just grabs everyone’s attention. Last weekend the #tt was “Explain A Film Plot Badly”. Imaginations run wild, plots become riddles. The trend goes viral. Continue reading

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Fun t-shirts and apparel

I also began collecting pictures of t-shirts with funny slogans (or funny people wearing ordinary t-shirts) for some future gallery-style project. Continue reading

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Appetite for Destruction

Clean up the attic. Rediscover an old microwave oven. Haul it down. I knew those AOL CDs would come in handy someday… Continue reading

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History through humour

Sure, in the grand scheme of things they’re just a bunch of jokes. Once you delve deeper into the annals of these shitty old jokes you will discover that many of them ain’t funny no more. This was the time before smartphones, iPods and near-universal broadband internet access, and before everyone and their cat was on Facebook and/or Twitter. As a result, there’s some historical relevance in them thar jokes. Continue reading

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Inglourious Basterds

It’ll be a war crime if Christoph Waltz doesn’t get an Oscar. Continue reading

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The story of Moshzilla

Over the last few days, yours truly has been wading through the murky waters of his hard drives, filtering out some debris in the form of unused downloads and old, forgotten, cobwebbed files. It was then that I stumbled over the extended left leg of a dancing girl named “Sam” — or “Little Sam” as she is known to friends and family. Everyone else on the interwebs knows her as “Moshzilla”. Continue reading

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I can has cheezburger?

“If you spend any time at all observing net culture, then you’ll have been unable to miss the recent explosion in popularity of lolcats. This relatively recent phenomenon is the convention of taking pictures of cute animals, most frequently cats, and overlaying absurdist captions on the images.” Continue reading

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