R.I.P. V.H.S. – part II

’tis the season to be jolly… bla-bla-blah, Humbug!

Watched and trashed another batch of old VHS cassettes, that’s what it’s time for.

What struck me most was the amount of effort, patience, devotion and care that I had actually invested in those tapes (some of which were even purchased… you know, for money) — and now they’re just forgotten media that gathers dust, worth little more than landfill.

Hurling more salt into the wounds is the fact that my DVD copy (which had replaced the narrated, happy-ending version of Blade Runner some years ago) is soon to befall a similar fate: No, not (only) because of the BluRay/HD-DVD formats but because it’s now available in a Definitive 25th Anniversary Edition, complete with unicorns, rough edits, and more violence.

Now that’s the one to have!

Blade Runner VHS

What struck me also during the course of this task was what a dated and crap movie TRON had unfortunately become — unlike Trainspotting, which remains in the diminishing VHS collection for now. In the interim, here’s a few more scans of my old VHS “artwork”.


I’m holding on to them (for fuck knows what reason) for the time being, and maybe someday I’ll just scan and post the whole lot somewhere (again, for fuck knows what reason) before committing them to a bonfire, or something.

The Silence Of The Lambs VHS

Who knows… perhaps someone else will find these snippets of information useful?

After all, it seems that someone’s taken photographs of mine and made them available as wallpaper for cellphones.

Scans: hmvh DOT net

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