Email: The HMVH Corporation BBS


It is with deep regret and almost a tear in my eye that I must announce the unfortunate demise of the HMVH Corporation BBS.

Things (my short temper included :) were somewhat aggravated after a few key hardware components decided to give up the ghost, adding to my continuing dissatisfaction with a less than useful telephone line.
Ironically enough, this all happened while I was adding about 50 megs worth of new material…

But, do not despair, this is only a TEMPORARY setback as I have every intention of getting the BBS back on line again within the next few months after I have moved to another residence and over to a brand new machine. As far as is possible, I will keep the poor old machine on a minimal life support system before its next re-birth, ie. it’ll be bigger and better when it returns!

To my loyal users I extend by apologies for this temporary hickup, this is by no means the end of HMVH. ‘Subscribers’, your membership will obviously be extended by the period the BBS is offline.

See ya!

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