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Blade Runner 2019

It is November 2019. This is when the classic 1982 film Blade Runner takes place. For over three decades I’ve wondered what the year 2019 would really be like. Continue reading

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The Matrix remembered

2019 rings in yet another anniversary. The Matrix movie is twenty years old. Had the film been released now, in 2019, it would still be a terrific actioner and perhaps even more relevant than it was then: the matrix will be instantly recognised as an obvious allegory to the always-connected, domesticated, utilitarian social media of today. Surveillance by machines is a pervasive theme, and much of the computer jargon that would have befuddled viewers two decades ago has since entered mainstream speak. Continue reading

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Cyberia 13: Superstition

Why do we always assume that machines, however intelligent and efficient they may become, have some sort of hidden and nasty agenda? Continue reading

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Cyberia 10: Maschine

The lands of the future are Cyberia. It’s a machine’s world now! “Cyberia is where humanity confronts and emerges from its larval and pre-foetal, grub-like state. Where we erupt painfully from the swarming biomechanical cauldron, all the Earth will become … Continue reading

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Ok, here’s your chance to have a go at running your very own Bulletin Board System… just move to the Doors Menu, where you’ll also discover a few other interesting doors and goodies. A new Voting Booth has also been … Continue reading

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