History 201: Car 2 = Jetta 2

Getting first pick for what was once my father’s company car (and the family car), it was a 1990 Jetta (Mk2) CSX that came into my official possession on the 31st of October 1995.

Jetta CSX

Although the car was really nothing all too spectacular, it did go well. It was solid and reliable, and it had a few creature comforts that one would little short of learn to refuse to live without in years to come!

Jetta CSX

And it had a radio!

  • Brand: JVC (model unknown);
  • Features: Radio / Tapedeck (functional);
  • Speakers: Cheap rubbish speakers in the back panel (both functional).

Jetta CSX

But most importantly, this was a Jetta — and Jettas are renowned for their boot space, and this boot space was to be put to good use a few years later.

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