History 301: The Clio Days

No sooner had the Jetta gone to meet its maker in the great scrapyard in the sky, a substitute was already waiting to take its place. Sacrilege!

1991 European Car of the Year

Bought from a then-colleague who was the recent lucky recipient of a company car, this 1993 Renault Clio RN 1.2 was hardly a replacement — though quite adequate for finding my way around a new town.

And it had a radio:

  • Brand: Sony (model forgotten);
  • Features: Radio / Tapedeck / none to speak of;
  • Speakers: Cheap rubbish mounted on the back panel.

Armed with a borrowed vacuum cleaner and a few other utensils and tools, it took all of one afternoon in April 2001 to inspect the car, clean it and get it to a socially acceptable state. Unfortunately, it took less than that same afternoon to realise that getting decent sound installed in this car (without sacrificing space and functionality or incurring major cost and effort) was next to out of the question.

The Clio's arse

Sure, you could fit a subwoofer box… but nothing else!

Inside a Clio

This car is an interim getabout. It’s only for a short while. It’ll do for the time being. Besides: it’s light on fuel, and with the back seats folded down we managed to transport lots of furniture. Soon I’ll get myself something decent, and the wife can have this one to cruise around in.

Seems that the recovered sound system was to slumber in the attic for a while longer…

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