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Other than trashing outdated gadgets and hardware, I’ve also been getting rid of some old software — or rather, deleting data that’s become as redundant as MAD Magazine.

My early web design efforts focused on the subject of jokes and humorous pictures one tends to receive via email, and it was then that I also began collecting pictures of t-shirts with funny slogans (or funny people wearing ordinary t-shirts) to be used for some maintained future gallery-style project. Or something. Someday.

Someday never came — at least not the way I had expected.

Someday arrived in combination with my fervent curiosity for popular new websites and fads. So I made a tumblr.

Funnywear for him 'n her!

And yeah, the guy in the “iPood” t-shirt is yours truly.

Photos by hmvh DOT net and the image archives.

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