The Gadget Graveyard

Celeron + PCI + Slot 1 + IDE

Let the final order of the old year be the announcement that a new chapter has been added to the section: The Gadget Graveyard, where old technology goes to die.

To some extent, I’m a bit of a pack rat that hates to throw out functioning devices — no matter how old or outdated they are because, well, one never knows when a friend might suddenly come over with a faulty machine and you happen to have that replacement EGA graphics card he so urgently needs. Right?

Yeah, right!

My wife’s mother is credited for saying that “if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it”. She’s obviously never repaired old computers. I’ve obviously got problems, and hoarding old components is just one. Another is that I have all of one ONE computer that still has 16-bit ISA slots. “Just in case” doesn’t cut it anymore. eBay, here we come!

As Earl Green so eloquently put it, “If I somehow need the experience of seeing the physical thing in front of me, I can open a folder.”

This is my folder, watch it fill up.

Photo by hmvh DOT net

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