Inactivity Blog?

Akai CS-F12 Cassette Deck

Although it could easily be said that there’s been a marked level of inactivity on this blog recently re-titled to, ironically, “Activity Log”, such a statement wouldn’t exactly be true.

There has been activity. Lots of it. A change in personal circumstances meant that certain external profiles and approaches were refreshed. I’m cleaning out some trash. Even this blog and its launchpad were revised and optimised, and there will be even more changes coming over the next few months. Some stuff has been killed off and buried while other data by way of more old documents, data and hardware was unearthed. All of it will get processed in due course; most of it will get digitised, much of it will get published.

Sure, the least amount of it will shake the Earth’s foundations — this ain’t the kind of stuff that the NSA (hi, guys) will find particularly interesting. Some of it has found its way onto the Internet Archive and elsewhere but most of it is personal and therefore of minor historical relevance only although (and this needs to be said) some of it has ruffled a few feathers. More on that next time.

Watch this space for details.

Photo by hmvh DOT net

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