Happy Birthday!

Should I keep it zipped? (image via Shutterstock)

Here’s another anniversary. This site, hmvhDOTnet, is ten years old.

While the domain itself was registered ten years ago this month, the blog where you are reading this very announcement only came into being a year later (or much sooner — depending on how you look at it or what you consider to be a blog).

hmvhDOTnet is my primary home on the interwebz.

I’ve been rambling and writing rubbish online in one form or another for many years.

Having an own site (read: domain and hosting space) has been a dream since I first ventured online. It was practically expected of me. And it’s mine. Mine, mine, mine!

It’s the culmination of several past projects, current interests, and future endeavours. It’s my man cave where I get to share old geek stuff and express random thoughts and conspiracies with near-reckless abandon to an imaginary audience.

Imaginary, because I’m not too sure of true readership numbers. People use blockers now.

And only near-reckless because, well, people have become overly-sensitive.

To snowflakes everything they don’t agree with is hate speech. Unless you’re waging an aggressive social justice war, blogging is like like tip-toeing through a verbal minefield. You’ll never know how something might blow up.

There’s nothing wrong with politeness and consideration but, lo and behold, tales of woe and philosophies of Poe do have a hairy underbelly. It’s become difficult to say this for fear of insulting liberals and tree-huggers nor am I allowed to say that out of worry that I be labelled ageist, racist, sexist or who-knows-whatever-ist. Sometimes the truth is ugly and, like beauty, ugliness demands to be demonstrated.

Censorship vs. respect vs. control vs. exploitation (image from the archives)

Cream pies and pearl necklaces are not what you think they are. It’s not all kittens.

Greed and narcissism have broken the internet over the last two decades.

Nobody knows I’m a dog. Now get off my lawn!

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