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The fall of walls

It was thirty years ago today that the Berlin Wall fell. The Iron Curtain had been breached, the Eastern Bloc was beginning to crumble. This most cruel of social experiments had finally run its course. A peaceful revolution was under way, and there was no stopping this tide from turning. The world was evolving. Even in a country as far away as South Africa, the developments made headlines. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Here’s another anniversary. This site, hmvhDOTnet, is ten years old. Having an own site (read: domain and hosting space) has been a dream since I first ventured online. It’s the culmination of several past projects, current interests, and future endeavours. It’s my man cave where I get to share old geek stuff and express random thoughts and conspiracies with near-reckless abandon to an imaginary audience. Continue reading

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Charlie and the Dirty Thumb

Two rather disturbing events took place last week. 12 people were gunned down by the extremist nitwit Kouachi brothers at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. In another twist of unrelated coincidence, it was the 7th of January — the same day as the shootings — when I saw that my old Google Group had been declared non grata. Continue reading

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The story of Dean Hamer and George Michael

As a fellow “uitlander” it was therefore inevitable that we struck up a bit of a friendship, and that’s how I came to have copies of recordings from Power 96 and the now-defunct Rhythm 98, his favourite radio stations from “back home”. Continue reading

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