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More media madness, obviously!

Earlier this month I finished my wife’s artist portfolio website. Obviously it includes a store. Obviously you check out the competition while setting up shop, and obviously it doesn’t take long to discover the stranger side of Etsy. Continue reading

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Cassette Project 1: Feeding the monster

That’s it! Enough! I’ve had it with tapes for a while. I added another batch of regular audio tapes into that database monster named Discogs. It needs to be fed. Needs more metadata. Yum-yum! Continue reading

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Remembering the Inner Sleeve Record Library

The Inner Sleeve Record Library was exactly that: not a library where one would get books, but one where you could borrow records. Vinyl records. This was the mother lode! Continue reading

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The death of the Compact Disc, part 2

While a person’s physical music collection is priceless to the owner, there’s a genuinely calculable and traceable dollar value that can be attached to the legal contents of the “My Music” folder of your hard drive. In my opinion, this actually de-values the music and therefore the artistic worth of the original work. Their efforts have been reduced to a few megabytes which, on a more fruitful note, at least could potentially appear on several million folks’ hard drives, instead of gathering mildew in a warehouse somewhere. And what of the legalities of a backup or 2nd-hand ownership? Continue reading

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