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On death, disruption and discs

Every startup’s moonshot dream is to be the one that disrupts the status quo. The latest disruption snuck in via Netflix and my wife. This got me thinking about my own movie collection and general viewing habits again. Continue reading

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More media madness, obviously!

Earlier this month I finished my wife’s artist portfolio website. Obviously it includes a store. Obviously you check out the competition while setting up shop, and obviously it doesn’t take long to discover the stranger side of Etsy. Continue reading

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The first experience with reBuy

reBuy is a German web-based service that allows you to sell your unwanted media and electronic gadgetry — which spares me the hassle of selling and posting near-worthless stuff as individual items and having to deal with end customers. This could be an interesting little experiment. Even if the items were in good condition, I can suffer their loss if the deal goes sour. Let’s do this. Continue reading

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