Confirming an urban legend

...a town called 'Fucking'

Taken for (but leave out the "L" to find it)

No, this is not a hoax nor an urban legend — there really is a place called “Fucking“.

It’s in Upper Austria, and the pictures were taken on 28. April 2005.

Nor is this minute community (it’s hardly even a village) particularly easy to find: Located around 30km north of Salzburg, the nearest town that’s visible on a map is a place called Ostermiething, along the 156 freeway, next to Hucking.

In case you’re wondering, Fucking is apparently named after a Bavarian nobleman named Focko, has been in existence since at least the year 1070, and it’s pronounced “fooking” — similar to the word “looking”.

Peculiar names are plentiful in this area: Nearby one can also find a charming village with the name of Au, and across the German border there are places called Tittmoning and Petting.

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