As if it weren’t obvious, July is “animal month”… jokes and stories about them critters that also populate the planet and make up a staple part of our diet. And, in case you’re visually impaired, the crappy layout is no more: it’s been replaced by one that’s less shitty, showcasing my ever-progressing skills in site design and improvements in humility. So, what does the future hold for the HMVH Corporation BBS Online (as we’ve taken to calling ourselves again)?

  1. We’ve created ourselves a GoogleGroup.
  2. The site will move over to a new, commercial host, allowing lots of space and bandwidth for all the added features and assorted rubbish you have and will come to expect from this site and its SysOp ;)
  3. It’ll invariably take the form of a Blog, for reasons of practicality.
  4. Some of its sub-sections (or mini-sites, if you will) will include some of the smut and other nonsense that featured on the old DOS-based BBS. That ought to be fun!

Now go away, leave me be. I got shit to do…

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