Patience, patience…


So I ordered a couple of car audio related items from two different sources a while ago, and neither has arrived yet. Not that it matters… at this point I’m more concerned about figuring when the car is going to get its proper installation and initiation, which follows after all the “rough” work is done. I may actually have to take a few days off in order to just vacuum the damn thing! Not that it’s that filthy — but I can still smell the previous driver.

Of course, running cables and drilling a few holes also requires time… time when the car is effectively out of commission for a while, and first I need to check out and test the items I’ve ordered and figure out what goes where and what have you.

Decent sound in the car is important to me but one doesn’t need to overdo it either.

Loser of the "loudness war"

Photo credit: Unknown

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