Observant fans and followers may have noticed that there has been little development on the Bora sound front, and they’d only be partially correct: nothing but cranial and background activity going on… we’ve just been commuting, guzzling petrol, and trying to get the best enjoyment out of the current (and factory-fitted) audio system configuration.

And it ain’t too bad, mind you… though the front door speakers (which pack the biggest punch) do show their limitation on some CDs – two Butthole Surfers and Therapy? tracks in particular.

That aside, we’re working on a combination of option 6 and option 7 at the moment, pending the arrival of a few components we’ve ordered.

On a more constructive note: we’ve had mud flaps fitted (maybe I might consider thinking about the possibility of perhaps lowering the suspension someday), plus we got a 50€ rebate on the navigation system bought recently.

It helps to express your anger when one discovers that the online version of the real-world store turns out to be cheaper than the one where you have to pay for parking.

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