The damn job is finished!

Finding space for all the cabling and other shit that tends to emanate from the rear of a head unit can be a mission and a work of art sometimes that makes one wonder who the fuck designs this stuff?

Companies want — or rather need — to protect their own interests and products, and thus the VW-installed goodies fit like the proverbial glove. You want something else, something foreign, it’s “fuck you Charlie, you’re on your own!”Alternately, we have a fine range of add-on products… please step on in and have your credit card ready.

And hence, there are plugs and adapters that other companies can get rich on and idiots like me end up buying. Well, fuck ’em all. The system’s wired up and working. All it needs is a bit of fine-tuning since each car and system’s acoustics are different. The car itself has been washed and cleaned and vacuumed and ready to take me back to work tomorrow morning.

Those were my few days off, and the wife’s pissed off with me as well.

I need a holiday after this vacation.

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