Virals and their hosts

While we’re on the topic of cartoons, here’s a batch of favourites from the most creative period: the late 80’s — an era spent mostly behind a desk, pretending to study and absorb information and knowledge passed on largely by people who hadn’t quite mastered the intricacies of the English language.

Scribbling helped pass the time.

The first thing that strikes me about the selection is that I’ve got some quality time with my old cartoons and a more modern scanner coming up in the indeterminate future. These scans are paltry!

The next thing to notice is that my levels of nihilism, narcissm and misanthropism were also at their concurrent peaks. Cool words, huh? That might help to explain some of these single-panel cartoons. Everyone goes through a similar period in life, I suppose. People apparently even grow out of it.

noodles mushroom mutt
devil hamlet livingstone
Death, Grim Reaper, Herby, suicide

Then, of course, there’s the shock value. In this day and age of an endless stream of pictoral source material via the internet and tools like Photoshop, just about anyone can visually express his darkest, most fiendish thoughts and create some truly horrific, life-like imagery and deviant art, even if they’re originally created via more traditional means.

Sigmund Freud, Herby, Freddy Kruger, Santa Claws, paedophile

Others had to resort to plain pencil, paper and marker to achieve a similar shock-effect and vent his teenage angst before maturing into an angry young man. Nowadays, some slightly-modified stock photography and publicly-available mugshots can achieve the same effect.

Josef Fritzl

And the fact that I consider this rather funny is not a good indicator of my psychological state of being either.

Or it proves there’s a great deal of misogyny out there, in spite of which I find it rather difficult to find a decent (and cheap) web host. Yes, hmvh is going for the jugula and needs a host; he’s outgrown what the otherwise capable and fabulous Blogger platform and free Arcor webspace hosts can offer.

Servage, for instance, boast some truly great features at a competitive price but reviews thereof are far less than flattering on account of poor reliability and support. They’re frightning, in fact. Other possible providers have puritan policies prohibiting public purveying of people’s private parts (you thought I was gonna say “pussy”, didn’t ya?), otherwise obsolete information that law enforcement agencies wouldn’t necessarily want to be made public or some silly jokes that could hurt the feelings of mass murderers, damage the name of suicide bombers, or taint the reputation of convicted rapists.

Then there’s the question of which content management system to use — if at all: Joomla looks promising and flashy (and is free) but pages created by it don’t seem to pass W3C certification. Use iframes to insert adsense? Still, there are projects in the pipeline that necessitate learning MySQL and PHP and whatnot because at some point I may need to find a suitable replacement for discogs, too. Or design something myself?

Nobody reads your blog!

Nobody gives a continental fuck anyway. Is there anybody out there?


Image credits: Cartoons by hmvh DOT net, images via unknown

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