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Civil unrest may be the second wave

The coronavirus crisis is far from over. I have returned to working from home after a symbolic three-week stint at the company office. This should be “the new normal”. Continue reading

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Michael Jackson

Expect reissues of his back catalogue to be in production and in the shops in a matter of days. A new double Greatest Hits on the shelves by the end of July. The definitive DVD and a plethora of unofficial biographies in time for Christmas. Family fighting over his estate will start by the end of next week. Rumours over whether he’s actually dead or not to begin circulating by sun down. Continue reading

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Facebook FAIL!

Outstanding! This is just brilliant on so many levels. PWND! Continue reading

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hmvh.de.vu Commentary

Along the same hypocritical lines, it never ceases to amaze how one of my other experimental sites (containing nothing but naughty text stories) was being targeted by primarily visitors from countries with outdated and draconian moral standards. Believe me when I say to you that these are huge percentages where these countries are concerned, considering that far busier sites with far more wholesome (read: clean) content are drawing way less visitors from the Arab world. Continue reading

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