The story of the HMVH Corporation BBS

The machine and the BBS

Or: The illustrated, unadulterated, and shamelessly long-winded personal memoir of a ten-year journey through the South African BBS scene.

Before there was ubiquitous, fast, and mobile access to immersive, graphic-intensive, and intrusive social networks and forum communities like Facebook and 4chan, there existed version 1 of a World-Wide Web. Even before the WWW, there was an Internet.

And before that — there were Bulletin Boards.

This is the story of one such relic.

This page will not only reveal the sordid history of the HMVH Corporation BBS, but also where its SysOp came from and the environment he operated in. It’s a story that’s reflective and relevant to the author, and it’s taken him more than seven years to be able to write this very post in the manner that it appears here and now.

I was a SysOp, and this is my story.

Bonus Feature: A crude simulation of the BBS exists here.

Photo credit: The HMVH Corporation BBS

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