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Progress update: South African discogs label research progress = 148 objects remaining.

This is pretty much what our tweets consisted of during the last few months: status updates of the current round of research and rummage through previously- and recently-added record labels in the discogs database, and pre-search of those that may be included sometime in the future.

Months of this insanity involving late hours trying to piece together the origins of an existing label or the forensics to determine the time and cause of demise of a label that’s disappeared off the radar can drive a person nuts. Conversely, it’s the controversial Google Book Search that’s turned out to be an invaluable tool for hunting down facts on companies that existed during the dark days of apartheid, BC.

Surprisingly, people have been rather forthcoming when confronted with straight requests for info; many, in fact, are truly thrilled to discover that there’s someone who still cares and is interested, and that’s always positive.

But sorry, no entertaining “fan mail summary” for 2009 either, no nasty emails, no complaints by disgruntled oggers, nobody wants to “touch me on my studio”.

And before we lose our minds completely, we’ll momentarily reroute power to other tasks and interests since we still have to deal with this bunch of artefacts:

Colourful Cassettes

So much to achieve, such little resources.

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