Welcome to 2019

Inside the tower of tapes (photo by hmvh DOT net)

We’re into a new year. 2019 is an extension to a new beginning.

The first order of the year is to finish off a recurring project on Discogs and clear out its leftovers. Printed matter has already been filed away. There’s still stuff to be archived. More people will be bothered. There will be blood. More on that in a future post.

Then it’s off to digitise that proverbial shoebox of photos and slides under the bed. There will be printed matter shredded. There will be blood relatives re-discovered. Media will get increasingly social as part of a long-running experiment whose apex is nearing.

There’s an audio experiment to finish and a bunch of tape decks to repair.

It’s a year full of anniversaries. New knowledge and skills shall be acquired.

And finally, yes, I finally want to must make a major stride forward in that project started in early 2008.

Let’s get cracking.

Photo credits: hmvh DOT net + the BBS archive

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