Welcome to 2018

More and more stuff to digitise

We’re well into the new year. It’s a new beginning.

It’s time to turn our back on the past and focus on the future.

The first order of the year is to finish off a long-running task on Discogs which I’ve now abandoned and clear out its leftovers. Stuff will be archived. Printed matter will be filed away. People will be bothered. There will be blood. More on that in a separate post.

Then it’s off to digitise that archetypal shoebox of photos and slides we keep under the bed. There will be printed matter shredded. There will be blood relatives re-discovered. Media will get embarrassingly social as part of a long-running experiment whose apex is nearing.

There’s an audio experiment to finish and a bunch of tape decks to repair.

And finally, yes, I finally want to take a major stride forward in that one project I started in early 2008. Avid readers of this blog ought to have an idea what it entails.

Bums for 2018 (image via the archives)

With a new job there’s also only so much time. Welcome to 2018.

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