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A concert in the park

It was 32 years ago today that I was here: The Concert In The Park. No, not the Simon & Garfunkel one — this one was held at the Ellis Park Rugby Stadium in Johannesburg on the 12th of January 1985. It was an event of a previously unheard-of scale. Continue reading

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My Virgin Ears

The other day I happened across a wonderful article about a young man named Austin Chapman. Austin is deaf, and thanks to new hearing aids he is now able to hear music — for the very first time. Personally, my mind is boggled about what must be going though his head right now. The story and his situational experiences have me utterly rattled. Continue reading

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Background and Introduction

There are several reasons for the existence of this blog, and the one that I will divulge in public is this: it’s a personal retrospective about my cars – irrespective of how unglamorous, unspectacular, humble or scant they were. Much … Continue reading

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