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The fine art of photoshopping

As an unwritten rule, netlabel archives/releases would — over and above the audio files — sometimes include a playlist, typically some so-called cover art, and occasionally even miscellaneous documentation and articles about the artist or album, or scans of newspaper cuttings. Zoe.LeelA’s “Queendom Come“, for instance, went all out and included PDF documents and an extensive set of high-res, print-quality press kit photos. Photoshop sure does more wonders to your complexion than any amount of L’Oreal. Continue reading

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On flickr and internet thievery

Some photos have a tendency to show up on other, completely unrelated sites and blogs, and there, out of the blue, I get an email to say that one of my photos has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fourth edition of our Schmap Salzburg Guide. Continue reading

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