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Goodbye, VHS

Farewell, VHS. The time has finally come to lay you to rest. It was April 2014 that everything related to VHS was rounded up for the final curtain call of a play dubbed “VHS2AVI”. The VHS digitisation project was ready to begin. Continue reading

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VHS digitisation: Theory before practice

Ripping a bunch of VHS tapes is a most peculiar undertaking. It’s a project I’ve been waiting to start for several years. It’s a task that’s as simple or as complicated as you make it. I chose the less simple route because I wanted to understand a few things first. Continue reading

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R.I.P. V.H.S.

The BetaMax vs. VHS (Video Home System) format (war) notwithstanding, just about any civilised household in the modern world had (or still has) a VCR. Dropping costs and the superior quality of DVD (and its own successors, complete with a new format war) have, in recent years, all but caused the demise of the VHS format, and it is almost with a tear in my eye that I, too finally bid farewell to my own old VHS collection. Continue reading

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