Rejoice, for here is the latest issue of the H-JOKE* archives. Yeah!

Granted, it has been¬† more than a year since the release of the previous one, but the material that was about to make up what would have been this issue was trashed along with one of our hard drives in the most spectacular fashion. This, along with additional hardware failures during the same time period, left us with little means to collect and gradually accumulate fresh material. It’s basically taken this long to collect new shit!

As usual, this issue is made up of jokes, anecdotes, limericks, quotes, lists, quizzes and other humour lifted from our mail packets. Its content is not sorted, order is in the chronological sequence of acquisition, nor is this stuff formatted for printing. The only editing done is the removal of message headers, footers, some bad spelling and grammar, really poor jokes, and the like…¬† Besides, political correctness is out the window in here!

Several copyright infringements have invariably been broken overstepped during the compilation of this digest. What we do acknowledge, though, is that all, with the exception of a few originals by yours truly, have been lifted, stolen, pilfered or otherwise il/legally acquired from their respective copyright holders. So sue us because we stole one of your jokes!

Nothing is guaranteed, except that this file will take up disk space and will relinquish the space it occupies when you delete it.

Nevertheless, laugh you will. There must be something you will find funny!

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