Well, seems that today is another bit of a landmark day (been having quite a few of those as of late): Another compendium of jokes, satires and other humour is complete. Having taken almost 19 months to complete, it is my pleasure to bring you –

Title: H-JOKE26.TXT
File size: 500,656 bytes (unformatted for printing)
Date: 14-05-2000

Why now?
Why so long?
What was the delay?
What has happened since H-JOKE25?

Much. A lot. A helluva lot, in actual fact. Let’s attempt to recollect some of the most significant milestones — and speed traps — that have allowed me to bring this collection to you now, many months later.

Since the last issue I’ve changed jobs. Twice.
I have a live-in girlfriend. Wow!

The HMVH Corporation BBS has been shut down. For good.

Mind you,  the actual compiling took little time. It involved not much more than separating the chaff (represented by header information and the lists of recipients) from  the wheat (the body of the message — the joke itself). What did take time was getting around to actually doing it.

You see, much of this was already pre-processed.

Allow me to let you into a little secret: The source of the jokes here is pretty damn ubiquitous. They arrive from all over the planet. Thanks to my incredible memory (and modesty!) I can remember the ones I’ve read, sent, processed  and compiled already — variations included. They are cleaned up to some degree and arranged in my Netscape/Drafts folder. Usually they’re even pre-addressed and numbered. Time permitting, they’re sent in bulk (often grouped by general theme or topical event) to their respective recipients — myself included. Again, every so often I pick them up from my BBS email address and save them once more. You see, BlueWave is very good at generating a format that pretty much resembles what you’re reading now. These text files are then converted into the H-JOKE*.TXT files.

So there.
Now you know.
Now I have to kill you.

On with the show!

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