Gathering parts…

On Saturday I spent a good few hours in virtual and in bricks ‘n mortar car-hi and accessory / electronics stores. Lotsa nice toys there… and a few ideas: Grundig (not exactly a shabby brand), for instance, offer a CD/MP3/Tuner unit for all of 79€ that looks drab enough to have surely been designed as a direct replacement of the standard Blaupunkt Gamma units, with its illumination even indicated as Volkswagen Blue!

And I must still think of something for the door speakers… dang!

I can already see myself crimping new connectors and plugs, so I also got me a few tools and other paraphernalia. Monday there’s more shopping to do; the list of things to get is almost complete.

The choice of navigation system is also getting narrowed down.

Just a pity that the wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm about the current project.

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