Final laps

Right! So it seems that we’ll have to do without the CD changer since there’s no such thing as a suitable adapter to be found for the standard Panasonic cable that the VW-customised Panasonic changer/shuttle plugs into. At least I’ve got a rough idea of the pinouts and, if ever I feel compelled to go that way, I can build my own connectors and adapters. Or replace the changer… which is all the more upsetting because I bought that specific head unit so that I could keep the changer instead of buying a whole new package which might not have been such a bad idea — or better still, keep the old setup. Grrrhmm!!!

Something similar I’ve been forced to do with the door speakers and how to intercept their cabling… splitpins do make for good connectors!

Either way and despite the fact that it really is raining right now, there is some progress.

And strangely enough, if I ever get fed up with how the “new” setup will sound, it’s a cinch to restore everything to the factory-installed components (though I’m not going to pull out the cables in a hurry!)

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