The ridding of treasures from years gone by

Having taken two weeks of “forced” vacation certainly does take its toll on the online world at large.

Unlike this fellow, we’ve been cleaning out the house a little and in doing so posted a whole lot of junk for give-away that currently serves no purpose other than to provide space for dust to collect on. Similarly, several other media carriers are available for sale as well — but unfortunately much to the detriment of recent moderating duties at itself.

Personal reminder: Sunday is modding day!

On a more humorous note, some of the more entertaining items that have arrived in my in-boxes over the last few months have been honoured with a permanent display on the site. Yes, we’ve made up another page of humour.

Next up is getting rid of a few more old VHS cassettes (now that DVD seems to be nearing the end of its career thanks to the indecision of HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray and the affordability of combo-players), and then we’ll be tackling the good old audio cassette format, too.

Further down the line, there’s a bit of re-hashing of the old BBS to be done sometime. We have lots of retro data and similar nonsense to share with the world.

Now, what was that about getting rid of old junk?

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