Cyberia Four: Against The Odds


While digging through old and obsolete technology, the ridding of dated media, leaving behind past passions and hobbies, the reasons and roots of how we came to be where and who we are became apparent. Another time of turmoil began — another period of personal re-invention; the re-definition of borders, responsibilities, and permissives. The sexual messiah had finally been tamed.

The exits had been sealed.

Blurb: “Whew! Six months… six long and bloody arduous months is what it took to produce and eventually release this double album, from initial concept to final completion! It was a real labour of love… blood, sweat and tears – plagued by constant power failures (the substation eventually burnt down), hard drive crashes, memory leaks, corrupted files, scratched discs, a ludicrous workload and personal schedule, the dog chewing up audio cables, car trouble, changing track listings, as well as a restless and tired mind all contributed to the fine result you are now holding!
As usual, gratitude must be extended to the unnamed DJ for supplying most of the music and much of the inspiration, and an apology goes to the missus for putting up with the many hours spent tanning behind her CRT, wearing headphones – and sometimes nothing else.
Enjoy this compilation and keep on raving…”

Originally written November 26th, 2000. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated during March 2015. See background story here.

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