Dope from Africa

13:45. The doorbell goes ding-dong. The dog barks.

The friendly postman drops off a parcel… a surprisingly heavy parcel, marked as “registered letter”. I dutifully sign for it.

I look. I wonder.

I wonder if this truly is what I had almost not expected to arrive (but secretly hoped it would).

Hmmm… looks like it? Wow! The postage alone was R178.90 (14.50 euros = $22.36).

I carefully tear it open and out pour some ten CDs, a DVD-ROM, and a book. I analyse.

I scratch my head. I jump up and down in excitement. The dog barks some more.

Dope from Africa

The contents of the parcel turn out to be a great selection of material from the African Dope stable (sans jewel cases to cut down on weight, new ones of which were promptly fitted) and effectively a batch of more work for discogs. Wow!

One of the little perks of being a moderator… or a subtle bribe by Krushed & Sorted?

Profile: Krushed & Sorted, consisting of members Roach and Fletcher (DJ Dope), is one of South Africa’s legendary underground DJ outfits.
They’ve grown from humble roots into one of the most sought-after acts in the flourishing Cape breakbeat / drum ‘n bass / lounge scene, having hosted headline DJ sets at events such as The Camel Experience, Rustler’s Valley Easter Festivals ’98 & ’99, Ninja Tune Tour, and the Balearic events.

Their Acid ™ Made Me Do It debut album, a “celebration of the home studio, created almost entirely on a 5-year old Pentium 166 computer, a Yamaha A3000 sampler and cutting-edge audio production software” was assembled entirely at their own Krushed & Sorted Studios in Cape Town and put their African Dope Records label on the map in 2000.

Moderating can be a tough job. Sure, we do get the odd few “thanks for helping” messages that shine like a guiding light in the smog created by non-responsive or otherwise abusive users (and I truly take my hat off to those who’ve done it for longer than I’ve been active on the site) but something like this parcel — a promise kept, a token of appreciation… sweet! Oh, and even for someone who dislikes hip hop there are indeed some wonderful gems amongst the selection, make no mistake there.

I guess Mr. Roth would like me to submit these someday ;)

Gladly. I like what I’ve heard so far. Thanks!

Photo credit: hmvh DOT net

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