Five years and good dope

Yesterday was my 5th ‘ogsday.

Five years of discogs.

Under this account. Signed up and as an active contributor… not just a frenetic researcher. Five years of deciphering cryptic codes and punctuation and matrix codes on CDs and tapes and records and figuring out and defining relationships between this label and that licensee, this company and that pressing plant, or this band and its members who don’t wish to be associated with the band anymore.

Five years of some very late nights. Five years of madness.

In those five years I’ve probably certainly pissed off a great deal of users and people: The most recent conversation ended with a simple and final “fuck you” from a sound engineer who missed the point of the site by miles and, as chance would have it, happens to have his studio just a few away. He could’ve done with a good smack in the mouth.

Oh, it’s fun sometimes. And it’s frustrating at other times.

Yet it’s all for the greater good of the free flow of knowledge and neutral information. In those same five years I’ve likely probably surely hopefully also helped an even larger amount of users and people. Sometimes we get even met with thanks and tokens of appreciation.

Just last week, completely out of the blue, this fattie of an envelope appeared in the mailbox “from African Dope with love” — with two little goodies inside. Sweet!

Parcel of African Dope

“Correct” votes cannot be bought. But quality submissions can >;)

And now I’m going to have to kill you.

Image credits: Photo by hmvh DOT net

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