Ghosts from the address book

The HMVHumourList is no more.

As another phase of the downscaling process and reshuffling of online interests, today some 570 email messages — containing all the jokes and virals that were carefully collected, assembled and sent out to a hand-clicked audience between December 2000 and December 2006 — got archived and trashed.


Not only was it remarkable to consider that this increasing collection of bytes had been maintained over a host of machines at various locales and numerous installations of Netscape Messenger (on Windows 95/Me/NT4, and recently and painstakingly imported into the fabulous Thunderbird on WinXP), it was the very names of all the people’s in-boxes these humorous snippets had invaded that was the most… well, shall we say “interesting”.

There were forgotten recipients like George Ambler, Karl Assenmacher, Delene Bastion, Neels Bothma, Stephen Bird, Rufus Blairgowrie, Tia Buys, Willem Dafel, Grant de Jager, Jason Eagles, Anton Esterhuizen, Anthony Fernandes, Charlotte Forster, Bonita Fourie, Richard Gennissen, Ian Gomersall, Douglas Hayes, Richard Hofer, Steve Ireland, Petra Janurova, Thomas Kikonyogo, Laurent Leclercq, Kevin Lee, Josef Liebscher, Samantha Lombard, Jeremy Mansfield, Gina McKenna, Claude Mohonathan, Bradley Naidoo, Charlinda Nieuwoudt, Benoit Perrier, Kiru Pillay, Jack Price, Darren Ritchie, Rico Schacherl, Greg Short, Felix Tiedt, Eugene van Tonder, Joachim Vietze, Piet Voges, Andre Wiid, E.G.T.O. van Zyl — to name a small percentage.

So many names from the past, so many memories, so many faces almost blurred by time that one is given to wonder why members of Generation @ have such a short attention span. Whoah!

Is it time to grow up already? Is it time to get social?

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